Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Not just a house

For work this week we got  some  questions  to answer  we had to Agree or Disagree .The questions were base on when we went to the marae . we had to have a reason for the  answer.  here is My work \


  1. Hi Summer R,

    I like the way you agreed on one then on the next one you disagreed. It's like a pattern. Next time could you make it make more sense for example I disagree because the cave tells a story of its own.

    Why did you choose to agree on the first one then disagree after you agreed? This reminds me of when I went to the marae and I was told lots of story's and we got to ask questions.

    Bye Summer R from Liam O.

  2. Hi Summer,

    I like the way you have set out your post, why did you agree or disagree what is your opinion on what you chose?

    What was your favourite part about the marae? Did you travel in the bus or with a parent? I travelled in the bus.

    Make sure to read over your writing explaining what you are doing before you post because most of it doesn't really make sense!

    He whetu koe!
    (Your a star!)

    Totara 2, Grey main school

  3. hi Summer It's Niah mamaku 1
    I like how you have done that but maybe you could make it smaller and the wards a little bigger but you have done great
    i like the way how you have done you whiting but maybe you could make it a bit clearer

    good bye


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