Monday, 25 September 2017

Wearable Arts 2017-Film Stars

IMG_0208.JPGThis term  we have been doing Wearable Arts. It was so much fun. In my group there is Ella Mya and I. We picked  3 different festivals. We worked on 1 for 2 weeks but could not think of a dress idea. Then we picked another but we had no idea what to do but then Mya found one and we stuck with it. It is called the Sundance Film Festival . The Sundance Film Festival is an American Film Festival that is held in January at Salt Lake City and Utah Park. We spray painted an old dress of mine then we cut film to size. Then we hot glued them to the dress the made a necklace, shoe and headpieces. Next time we will pick a festival faster but every thing is amazing. We are happy with it. Here is a picture of me in it.


  1. Kia Ora Summer
    I like your work on wearable arts! It’s very interesting and creative. I would personally love to do something similar to this in my class. It’s a really cool color and it matches your hair! It’s great that you guys reused and recycled different items.

    Was this the only item you made or did you make more than one? Also how long did it take to make the dress? It looks like it could have taken a long time. It’s good that you guys really thought about what you were going to do. In He Kakano (a Māori language class at our school) we made outfits too. Our outfit was based around Moana.

    Maybe next time you could show some other examples of what you could have done, or shown examples of the plans of the outfits you were planning on making. Even so I think you did a fantastic job on your outfit. I’m looking forward to seeing more cool, interesting examples of your work! Ka pai!

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    Karoro School

  2. Thank so much Aleece it took as about 5 week to make the dress thank you for you input. from Summer

  3. Hey Sum, you rock! I loved the confidence you had when modelling this dress (particularly the stomping in the heels!!) What was your favourite part of your outfit? I think the accessories that you girls made were fantastic and what a great idea using the VCR tapes! Congratulations on getting a special mention on the night too, you guys certainly deserved it after all of the effort you put in. Miss H

  4. Hi Summer! My name is Shakaia I am from Panmure Bridge School in Auckland. Your final product looks fantastic. But Im wondering how long it took to make your dress and if your happy with what you have created?

    Keep up the good work!
    - Shakaia

  5. Hi Summer,my name is Nickaela and I go to Panmure Bridge School in Auckland. I really like the idea you had and your dress looks amazing. I like the colour you used and your shoes very creative.


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