Monday, 4 September 2017

Work Book

This week for math we had to do 2 workbook one was to Find equivalent of a fractions and the anther was to Multiplying fractions. Multiplying fractions  was fun I worked with yana. Find equivalent fractions . Was hard but we did it Here is my 2 workbooks


  1. Hey Summer. Well done on challenging yourself to have a go at finding equivalent fractions and working with Yana. I am really impressed at the effort you are putting into your maths. What was the hardest part about finding equivalent fractions? Miss H

  2. Hi Summer,
    My name is Alexis and I go to Paihia School. I really like your equivalent fractions. It taught me how to use equivalent fractions. Was it hard making the slide of equivalent fractions?

  3. Hello Summer,
    My name is Molly and I go to Paihia School. I like your equivalent fractions presentation, your instructions are very clear. The examples are easy to follow as well. Keep on posting!


Thank-you for your positive, thoughtful, helpful comment.