Tuesday, 31 October 2017

T2 Favorite Lollies

This week we have been leaning to do graphs. I like using  the pictograph to show my work. We had to go around the class room and get tall marks then we had to make 2 graph. I did a pictograph a pie graph and a bar graph. We had to do one graph on are Chromebook it did the pie graph.

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  1. Kia ora Summer,

    My name is Emiely (pronounced "Emily") and I am a blogger at the Summer Learning Journey. The pie chart looks great because you have used different colours in the pie graph to represent the different lollies. This makes your pie graph very clear! If I was in your class I would have voted for gummy bears. What did you vote for as your favourite lolly?

    If you wanted to continue learning and blogging over the summer holidays, remember to head over to the activities page on the Summer Learning Journey website. You can do these activities in any order. Be sure to remember to post your answers onto your blog.

    Summer Learning Journey activities link:

    I hope to be blogging with you this summer!

    Noho ora mai,
    Emiely :)


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